A reflection on 10 Minute Musicals by Andrew Linham

I had a great time working with Leeway Productions creating a 10 Minute Musical. The challenge of having three weeks to create a new piece of theatre with only the length of time as a parameter is the most brilliant way of getting those creative juices flowing!

I have always worked best under pressure of deadlines and this project again reminded me of the joy of creating something new in a short space of time with an actual deadline to get it finished!

Working with Peter Cox and Andy Shore was a pleasure as often as a composer I work in isolation. Being held accountable for my ideas, songs and rhymes was a fantastic opportunity to develop my teamwork and collaboration skills. It was also a joy to hear the actors take our creation and turn it into actual live theatre, taking the music from the page to the stage in an afternoon!

An additional exciting part of this process for me was the opportunity to collaborate with others on their 10MM as I was afforded the opportunity to perform on saxophone with Beatboxer Tangent and play piano creating the accompaniment for a semi improvised piece with Rufus Mufasa. This process really brought together all of the skills across several disciplines of musical theatre, jazz and improvisation and songwriting and I cannot recommend this experience highly enough!

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