Lasso the Moon

Everything you have in this world is just borrowed for a short time

A magical tale for younger audiences, told in Cymraeg, BSL & English.


Lleucu decides that the only thing for it is to keep this day as it is, forever. It’s her birthday day. The perfect day. She eyes the perfect light that shines brightly onto her new-found idea, grabs hold of her new skipping ropes, ties them together and lassos the moon. This will be her never ending birthday.


An exploration of how one person’s actions can determine the outcome of so many people’s circumstances and lives.

The inspiration for this idea comes from the old Welsh proverb, ‘Benthyg dros amser byr yw popeth a geir yn y byd hwn’.


Writers – Angharad Lee and DL Williams

Director – Angharad Lee

Designer /Collaborator–  Becky Davies

Performer- Raffie Julien


We are survivors of immeasurable events,

Flung upon some reach of land,

Small, wet miracles without instructions,

Only the imperative of change. 

By Rebecca Elson

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