Porth y Cwtsh

Did you know that Porth is so visionary, it has its own crater on planet Mars? It really does.

(It is located at 21.4°N, 255.9°W and has a diameter of 9.3 kilometers).


Check out this awesome flipbook compiled by Beck Davies:


Thanks to the Connect and Flourish fund supported by Arts Council of Wales, Cynyrchiadau Leeway Productions, Menter Iaith Rhondda Cynon Taf and Age Cymru have established a fresh partnership working specifically in Porth in the Rhondda.

Street by street, this project is the catalyst to open hearts and minds to look up and visualise our future self, there, and we’ll be taking all our best bits with us. The project looks to build on what’s strong, not on what’s wrong. Do what you can with what you have.

By triggering imaginations to see beyond the poverty driven narrative we’ve been fed for years, this initial investigation will empower our community to make the decisions which benefit them, born from what works beautifully within our community. Porth Y Cwtsh will encourage us all to see the best in each other, our languages and our home and be the experts on our own lives.

Our ultimate shared objective is to encourage the citizens of Porth to be amongst each other, and remind us all that Culture is ordinary, amongst us, of us, by us and for us.

If you live in Porth, get in touch, we’d love you to be involved.



Want to know more? Check out the videos on our AM channel via link below:



Thanks to THE STAGE for throwing some light on our project. Link below:


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