Gratitude Visits

Gratitude Visit is Leeway’s response to the ongoing wrestles and battles due to the collective experience of a Global pandemic.

We are interested in what people are grateful for, however small. We were interested in allowing some time for reflection and being thankful for the self as well as other.

We are thankful as a company that people are willing to share and shed a little light on the intricacies of what has seen them through so far.


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Illustration by Becky Davies

The Visits

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou

In 2020 the world changed. As lockdowns were extended and it became clear that theatres would not be reopening anytime soon, it became clear that our industry was facing a massive crisis, not just economically but in terms of the mental health of a workforce overnight deprived of work and creative outlets.

Thanks to financial support from National Theatre of Wales, Angharad and Associate Artist Becky Davies were able to pen a project specifically for actors during lockdown 2020. This project concentrated on well-being and a moment in time to empower oneself as a performer and a human trying to steer one’s way through the trickiest of times. Each project participant received a carefully curated box to start the project with, including:

1. Illustrated, creative well-being task cards.

2. An illustrated, card cassette tape with playlist and QR code inside that takes you automatically to a Youtube playlist. the playlist consisted of a collection of Welsh writers explaining what music supports them to write and why with the accompanying tracks, especially curated for this project.


3. Loose-leaf ‘anxie-tea’ blend of chamomile, rose petals, lavender, hibiscus blossoms, lemon verbena and safflower by Pontypridd-based independent business, Cortile Coffee, in reusable cotton teabags with handwritten labels with the quote “Go inside where silence is. Stay there. Let words bubble up” by Maxime Legace.

4. Homemade frankincense essential oil letter sealing wax candles.

5. Goose feather writing quill with hand-carved nib & Drawing ink

6. Collage materials and glue sticks

7. Blank postcards and pre-addressed and stamped envelopes.

Participants were also supported in subsequent creative well-being workshops focusing on recognition of qualities, interests and skillset, considering new and alternative applications to be positive and passionate about. Tasks included creative writing (e.g. letter writing, black out poetry, manifesto writing), collage, drawing, map making).

We are currently engaging with individuals who have been bereaved during the pandemic and who may be one of the many who had to or who are having to deal with their grief alone. Working with an artists a musician and a helping hand from us, this project helps the cascading memories you have, those memories and thoughts and feelings which can sometimes be quite overwhelming, to land and transform into a piece of art which will be yours to keep and a priceless visual and musical reminder of your loved one. This gentle project is a reflective insight into the wonders of your memories of your loved one which reflects the complexity of emotions, because sometimes, words just aren’t enough. If you know of someone who may like to engage in this project, or if you have lost someone during the pandemic, please get in touch with us at stating ‘Galw i ddiolch/ Gratitude Visit’ in the email header. Our hearts go out to all who have lost and who grieve during this time.
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RCT Writers Group

A Symphony of Gratitude is the result of work with RCT Writers Group based around the provocation ‘What are you grateful for?’ The words of the writers’ group are accompanied by music from composer Christopher Young, and artwork by Siôn Tomos Owen.

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